You’ve probably been on the receiving end of deer damage at some point in your gardening career. You know the feeling, you have been waiting and anticipating the explosion of color your plant is going to produce. The buds are almost there and you say “tomorrow is the day!”. Then you go out the next day and bam buds are all gone. The d**m deer didn’t even have the decency to eat the plant at all, just your buds; kind of like a kid eating around the broccoli! Then you do have the deer that eat everything they can get their greedy little lips on. What do they think my back yard is their “all you can eat” buffet and they are Honey Boo Boo (is that appropriate to even say??)

So what do you do? Good question and one that I wish was more concrete. The best thing is to fence them out… then you can do the “nanner, nanner, boo, boo” to them from the other side!  But that is not always practical or affordable. So you have to come up with a strategy to foil their evil plan….I mean keep them out (I don’t really believe that deer have a diabolical plan to take over and dominate my garden…..) Anyway, keep them out, a good place to start is using deer resistant plants. However deer resistant doesn’t mean deer will never touch them. They do graze on things they are not “supposed” to. People like to say it is because they are hungry, again I think evil plan! But I digress!. Planning out your garden with deer resistant plants is a good place to start. If the occasional deer munch and crunch is good with you then your are set, but if you also want to plan for the time when they decide to mow down your hard work, deer sprays and/or tablets is a great one-two punch to get a handle on that area of deer damage prevention.

Click Here for List I found online. It is a really impressive interactive list of perennials. Not all the perennials will grow here, but a number of them do and I appreciate the comments.

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Spray and tablets available on Butte and Belgrade.

Good Luck Thwarting their evil plan…I mean keeping them out!