Family Owned & Operated since 1985

Family-owned nursery & landscaping business

Our Story

We are a family-owned nursery and landscaping business in Montana with more than 30 years of experience and roots that go three generations deep.

The business was started in 1985 by Chris Wagner, who has been in the design and landscaping business all his life, having grown up with a dad who was a landscaper in Colorado. Chris moved his family to Montana over 35 years ago and has been working in the Montana landscape industry ever since. Three of Chris’ sons—Jake, Nick and Marc—followed him into the family landscaping business.

We started the first of our three Montana nurseries in Whitehall in 1995; the Belgrade nursery opened its doors in 2004, and the Butte Nursery opened its doors in May of 2011. After 18 years, due to unforeseen circumstances, we are closing our Whitehall Nursery. At the same time, we are expanding our Butte operation with the addition of 2 new greenhouses. We are excited about the new changes, and we look forward to serving you!

Chris Wagner

Chris Wagner

Nursery Owner

Chris Wagner, has been in the design and landscaping business all his life, having grown up with a dad who was a landscaper in Colorado. Chris moved his family to Montana over 25 years ago and has been working in the Montana landscape industry ever since.

Jake Wagner

Jake Wagner

Nursery Owner

Jake grew up working in the business with his dad. He is a gifted equipment operator and creates rock walls, waterfalls and hardscapes with the skill of a surgeon. He lives in Butte with his wife and two kids.

Nick Wagner

Nick Wagner

Nursery Owner

Like his brothers, Nick too grew up in the landscaping business having been creating and installing landscapes for most of his life. He has a great eye for seeing the unique and amazing things he can create out of rocks, from hardscapes to patios to outdoor kitchens. Nick lives in Three Forks with his wife and two kids.

Marc Wagner

Marc Wagner

Nursery Owner

Marc has been working in the landscape business most of his life. From the design to the install, Marc enjoys what he does for a living. He like his brothers creates amazing landscapes that are always unique. Marc lives in Whitehall with his wife and two kids.

Ruby Anderson

Ruby Anderson

Butte Nursery Manager

Ruby is originally from Minnesota, having grown up in farm country. She attended the College of Natural Resources, University of Minnesota, and obtained a degree in forestry. She has since migrated to the garden center/nursery business in which she has spent the last 20 years. Ruby enjoys plants and people and helping them function together happily!

Jessica MacDonald

Jessica MacDonald

General Nursery Manager

Jessica grew up in the landscape business. Her dad, Chris, took his kids out on jobs during the summers where they laid sod, raked, shoveled, picked rocks, etc. During her early teen years, Jessica and her brothers, Nick and Marc, had a lawn mowing business for a number of summers. Jessica started working at the nursery when she was 15, and aside from one summer spent in Alaska, she has been working at the nursery ever since. She started in Whitehall and eventually took over as nursery manager in Belgrade for 7 years. She advanced to general manager in 2011. Jessica is a Master Gardener and a Certified Plant Professional.

Bozeman Landscape Company | Wagner Nursery & Landscaping Co.

Custom Landscaping


First we help you dream, then we create it for you. Design as well as Installation


Bozeman Landscape Services | Pond Construction | Wagner Nursery & Landscaping Co.

Pond Construction


Aesthetically designed and constructed ponds are above all designed for fish habitat, recreation and outdoor living.


Bozeman Landscape Services | Outdoor Kitchens | Wagner Nursery & Landscaping Co.

Outdoor Kitchens


Pizza ovens, built in BBQ Grills, Sinks and Counters created in unique and functional styles.


Bozeman Landscape Services | Water Features | Wagner Nursery & Landscaping Co.

Water Features


Most noteworthy is our waterfall construction. We have been creating natural rock waterfalls for over 40 years.


Bozeman Landscape Services | Patios, Rock Walls, Fire Pits | Wagner Nursery & Landscaping Co.

Patio, Rock Walls and Fire Pits


Due to our predominant use of natural stone, each hardscape turns out specialized and unique.


Bozeman Landscape Services | Garden Centers | Wagner Nursery & Landscaping Co.

Garden Center


Growing our own Hanging Baskets and annuals as well as carrying a wide selection of plant material for your project.


What Our Clients & Customers Say

I am writing this letter as a retired contractor. Having been in business myself for over thirty-five years I know what it takes to maintain quality in each and every project. Wagner was one of the most detail oriented landscape contractor’s I have ever worked with. They contracted to landscape our own home near Gallatin Gateway which was just completed two years ago and my wife and I could not be more pleased. Their attention to detail was “second to none”. They estimated our project cost and when we were billed they were within that estimate. I will also say that they have good equipment and certainly the expertise of operating it. I would welcome anyone to contact me for either a personal reference or a business reference on Wagner Nursery & Landscape. Sincerely, Garth Sime

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Family-owned and operated since 1995

Our 2 Montana garden center locations, Butte and Belgrade & Bozeman areas, provide you with quality and experience.

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